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It is of great importance for women’s health that the abortion operation, which is popularly known as abortion, is performed under the supervision of a specialist and under hygienic conditions.

Hymen Planting

Hymenoplasty, which can be performed permanently or temporarily, is an operation performed under local anesthesia, lasting 15-20 minutes and without high risk.


Obstetricians, who are especially important for a healthy pregnancy process, are also competent in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases.

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Abortion is not a family planning method, abortion is a method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. In our country, women over the age of 18 can have an abortion. This right was given to women in 1983 with the law numbered 2827, which was the population planning law, but women under the age of 18 can only use this method with the permission of their parents. A married woman who has made an abortion decision should make this decision together with her husband, it is not a compulsory practice for single women, but if a child under the age of 15 is pregnant, abortion is never accepted and official proceedings are initiated immediately.

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How to Prepare Pregnancy?

Pregnancy abortion can be applied with different techniques. With the developing technology, most of the primitive methods are no longer used. Today, the most common method used for abortion is the vacuum extraction technique. Before curettage, patients are anesthetized with general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The cervix is opened using the necessary tools. The tissues to be taken inside are fragmented. Parts, on the other hand, are cleaned with the help of vacuum and the process is completed after the final checks are made. This process is completed on average between 10-20 minutes.

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Is Pregnancy Recovery Difficult?

Abortion is the process of ending unwanted pregnancies. This procedure may not be suitable for every patient. Some patients may experience difficulties, especially during cervical enlargement. Patients with abortion are discharged home on the same day and can return to their normal lives. However, there are psychological and physical difficulties.

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When Can Pregnancy Curing Be Done?

In case of sexual abuse, abortion can be done at any time with the approval of the prosecutor’s office. However, in the absence of sexual abuse or rape, the termination of pregnancy can be done up to the 10th week.

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Who Cannot Have Pregnancy Curing?

Pregnancy abortion can be performed within the framework of legally defined rules. Abortion is not performed for unwanted pregnancies over 10 weeks. In addition, abortion must be done in the presence of specialist doctors and in hospitals. It is forbidden to do it in illegal places, which are called under the stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Risks Occur After Pregnancy Recovery?

    Risks and complications are unlikely to develop after a pregnancy abortion. However, the following risks may be encountered in some patients, albeit rarely;

    • Infection in patients
    • Severe pain and bleeding after the operation
    • Remaining parts in the uterus
    •  The formation of adhesions in the uterus
    • Perforation in the uterus
    • Disruption of the menstrual cycle
  2. Does Pregnancy Recovery Affect Next Pregnancy?

    Pregnancy abortion is not an obstacle for the next pregnancy. The possibility of getting pregnant increases after an abortion performed in the hands of specialist doctors. Women gain the ability to conceive on the 15th day after an abortion. However, it must be protected until the first menstrual cycle. It takes 2 months for the menstrual cycle to be fully regulated. After conception, previous abortion has no effect on the new pregnancy.

  3. When Should Pregnancy Curing Be Done?

    Abortion is done to terminate unwanted pregnancies, but in some cases it is mandatory. We can explain the obligatory situations in which abortion is performed as follows;
    Baby with Down Syndrome
    Experiencing important infectious diseases
    Managing malaria
    Presence of syphilis
    Presence of immune system diseases
    Diagnosing jaundice
    Presence of neurological diseases
    Having schizophrenia in the mother
    Having a blood clotting disease
    Chronic anemia
    Brucella disease
    Being addicted to drugs
    Intrauterine diseases

  4. Is Spouse Approval Required for Pregnancy Recovery?

    Women who are not married and over the age of 18 do not need any permission to terminate their pregnancy up to 10 weeks. However, women over the age of 18 and married must obtain the consent of their spouses in order to have an abortion.

  5. Pregnancy Curing Is Done By Which Department Or Doctor?

    Doctors who can do an abortion are gynecologists and obstetricians. People who want to have an abortion should be examined in gynecology and obstetrics outpatient clinics.

  6. Is There Any Pain After Pregnancy Recovery?

    It is normal to experience mild and persistent pain for the first three days after the abortion procedure. These pains are controlled with pain relievers. However, it is necessary to see a doctor for pain after 3 days.

  7. Will There Be Bleeding After Pregnancy Recovery?

    Bleeding is normal for the first 3-4 days after the abortion. This bleeding may be dark and patchy. The severity of bleeding should decrease after the first day. If there is bleeding that remains the same or increases in intensity, a doctor should be visited immediately.

  8. How Long Does It Take To Recovery After Pregnancy Curing?

    After an abortion, patients can return to their home and daily life on the same day. Complete recovery of patients is between 1-3 days.

  9. Is Medication Used After Pregnancy Recovery?

    Pain relievers and antibiotics may be used under the supervision of a doctor. However, no medication should be used unless your doctor prescribes it. Otherwise, it would be inevitable to experience many problems, especially bleeding.

  10. How Many Times Can Pregnancy Curing Be Performed?

    There is no specific number of abortions, but many abortions are not recommended by doctors.

  11. Is it Necessary to Go to a Doctor's Control After Pregnancy Recovery?

    After the abortion, it is essential to go to the doctor’s control to understand that everything is fine and to check the uterus. Your first check will be done a week later. The issues that patients with abortion should pay attention during the control will be explained by the doctors. Therefore, patients should not neglect their routine controls.

  12. How Should I Prepare Before Pregnancy Recovery?

    There is no need to make serious preparations before a pregnancy abortion. If the surgery is to be performed under general anesthesia, patients should have stopped eating and drinking 6 hours before. Since the bladder must be empty before abortion, urine should be made. Patients should also feel psychologically ready for abortion.

  13. When Is the First Menstrual Period After Pregnancy Recovery?

    During pregnancy abortion, the baby in the womb is removed with a vacuum and the inside of the uterus is cleaned. Therefore, female hormones become effective. This procedure is no different from the menstrual cycle. The start of the menstrual cycle is expected exactly one month after completing a pregnancy abortion. A delay of 3-4 days in the beginning of menstruation is considered normal due to psychological factors.

  14. When Should Sexual Intercourse Be After Pregnancy Recovery?

    If the pregnancy abortion is done using the vacuuming method, the first sexual intercourse can be entered after two weeks. After the scraping method, patients should wait 4 weeks before having sexual intercourse. If there are conditions such as bleeding and pain after the abortion procedure, the doctor should be consulted for the time of sexual intercourse. In the presence of abnormal situations, the period of not having sexual intercourse may take up to 3 weeks. In this regard, you must follow your doctor’s instructions.

  15. Is Spiral Attached After Pregnancy Recovery?

    There is a general public opinion that abortion practice reduces fertility, but this opinion is completely wrong. Since the inside of the uterus is completely cleansed with abortion, the possibility of fertility increases. Patients should wait at least 3 months after abortion for full recovery and a healthy birth. In order not to get pregnant during this period, the use of spirals and condoms is recommended by doctors. The spiral can be inserted 3 days after the abortion and has no risks or side effects.

  16. Can You Get Pregnant Again After Pregnancy Recovery?

    As the inside of the uterus is completely cleansed with pregnancy abortion, the fertility of women increases. Abortion is not an obstacle to conceiving when it is done in the hands of a specialist and the reproductive organs cannot be damaged. You should not get pregnant for about 3 months after the abortion.

  17. Is Pregnancy Curing Legal in Our Country?

    Abortion practice is regulated in our country, as in many countries, within legal limits. The legality of abortion is determined by the reason for its application. The legal limit for abortion in unwanted pregnancies is 10 weeks. The beginning of this ten-week period is determined from the date of the last menstrual period of the expectant mother. The last date of menstruation can be determined by various imaging methods. If the child has genetic diseases such as Down syndrome or if the baby is threatening maternal health, the legal time limit for pregnancy abortion may be longer than 10 weeks. However, these must be proven with a committee report.

    The marital status of the person who will have the abortion also affects the legal limits. We can list the legal regulations for abortion as follows;

    • Women over the age of 18 and single can have an abortion up to the 10th week of their own accord.

    • In order for married women to terminate unwanted pregnancies for up to 10 weeks, the consent of their spouse must also be obtained.

    • If the person who wants to have an abortion is under the age of 18, the consent of his parents must be obtained regardless of their marital status.

    • If the person to have an abortion is under the age of 15, an abortion is decided upon as a result of the examination of the judicial authorities.

    • If there is an element of crime in the emergence of pregnancy, the legal duration of abortion is doubled.

  18. Should I Have Curettage Or Use Low Drug?

    After the sperm fertilizes the ovaries, there is no medication that causes the baby to drop. Needles and medicines to be used after fertilization are completely ineffective for termination. Abortion should be preferred for termination of pregnancy. If pregnancy is not desired, practices such as contraceptive pills or spirals should be preferred before sexual intercourse. If there was ejaculation during sexual intercourse and pregnancy is not desired, contraceptive pills such as the morning after pill should be used within the first 24 hours.

  19. Where Can Pregnancy Curing Be Done, How Much Does It Cost?

    Pregnancy abortion can be applied in clinics, medical centers, state hospitals and private hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health. Abortion is done by obstetricians. Pregnancy abortion prices will vary according to the hospital where this application will be performed, the drugs to be used, the week of pregnancy and the doctor’s expertise.

  20. Is Pregnancy Recovery Available in State Hospitals?

    Abortion is performed in state hospitals, but it is applied within legal limits. In recent years, public hospitals have shown resistance to abortion because people want to have an abortion due to family planning. Abortion is not family planning and should never be considered that way. State hospitals’ not wanting to have abortion enabled this practice to be performed mostly in medical centers and private hospitals.

  21. What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Hospital And A Doctor For Pregnancy Recovery?

    Abortion is a simple procedure that requires attention and expertise. Since it involves the risks of loss of fertility and various health problems, it should be done in a fully-fledged hospital and under the control of specialist physicians. It is very important for your health to choose a good hospital and a specialist doctor before having a pregnancy abortion.

  22. How Long Does a Pregnancy Recovery Last?

    Under normal conditions, abortion for pregnancies between 5 and 7 weeks takes 10 minutes. In pregnancies up to 10 weeks, this period may take up to 15 minutes. The abortion procedure for pregnancies that are over 10 weeks and must be terminated may take half an hour depending on the patient’s condition.

  23. Is There a Risk of Dying During Pregnancy Curing?

    The risk of abortion practices performed by obstetricians who are experts in their field is very low. When abortion is done in non-specialist hands and after 10 weeks of pregnancy, it carries the risk of death, but in the hands of specialist doctors, this risk is negligible. Unless the mother develops any complications, there is no risk of death from abortion.

  24. Is Pregnancy Curing Surgery?

    Surgery is not just about cutting and sewing on the human body. Removal of body parts is also classified as surgery. Since pregnancy abortions are removed from the body, it is considered a surgery.

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